dad from day one

Catch up on what you’ve missed from my weekly series, “dad from day one”, where I document my thoughts each week as a guy whose wife had our first baby in November 2010.  This series is listed in chronological order, starting with the very first one.  Just click on the title to read the post.

Season One

1) She’s Having a Baby

2) The Minor Details

3) How We Told the Family

4) Baby Bean

5) The First Time Dad at Age 29 Club

6) Preparing to Be a Sleepy Head

7) As Long as the Baby’s Healthy

8} Baby Bean’s Heartbeat

9) Nesting

10) The Business of BeingBorn

11) What Does a Real Baby Do?

12) Daddy DJ

13) She’s Starting to Show

14) The Countdown to Found Out the Gender of the Baby

15) The Gender of the Baby

16) Proud Papa

17) Light Years Away

18) Leg Cramp Alarm Clock

19) The Importance of a Man’s Shoes

20) Where the Wild Things are Tame

21) How to Get Rid of Those Darned Leg Cramps During Pregnancy

22) Monkey See, Monkey Do

23) Instantly Becoming a Complete Goofball to Entertain the Baby

24) License to Procreate

25) Actor Turned Director

26) He Who Dies Happy in Old Age, Still Dies

27) Influence and Individuality

28) Lamaze Classes Have Begun

29) The Benefits of Responsibility and the Inevitability of Learning from Mistakes

30) Pickles and Ice Cream

31) One More Month to Go

32) Passing on the Family Name

33) Honestly, Baby Jack Could Be Born Any Day Now

34) Last Minute Expectations

35) Nervous, Preoccupied, and Spaced Out

36) The Due Date

37) Baby Jack is Born!

Season 2

1) We’re Moving to Alabama… Next Weekend!

2) Baby Boot Camp

3) Feng Shui Dad

4) Playtime with an Infant

5) Funny Faces and Baby Dreams

6) Jack’s Sock Monkey Nap Station

7) Goodbye Nashville, You’ve Been Great…

8} Diaper Duty and Sleeping Arrangements

9) The Magical Mystery Tour… For Babies

10) Lumber Jack and the Great Christmas Tree Farm

11) Parenting a Tongue-Tied Baby

12) Jack’s First White Christmas

13) A Baby’s Sixth Sense

14) Won’t Ever Be Lonely

15) Jack’s First Time to Church

16) Handshakes and Footprints

17) Mommy’s Little Monster

18) Autism Awareness (and Prevention)

19) Jack is Now 13.3 Pounds and 25 Inches Long

20) The Role of Control in Life (And What That Has to Do with Paper Towels)

21) Baby Boys Make Me Think of Middle-aged Men (Home Video Enhanced)

22) Why Technically Baby Jack is a Year Old Today

23) Who Jack Resembles the Most Right Now- Grandpa Tuttle

24) When Jack Smiles

25) Baby Jack the Boy Scout at DeSoto State Park (Nature Vs. Nurture)

26) The Return of the Classic American Father (Being the Modern Day Ward Cleaver)

27) Clip Show

28) Will We Be Moving Jack Back to Nashville? (Part 1)

29) Will We Be Moving Jack Back to Nashville? (Part 2)

30) Our First Professional Family Portrait Session

31) Extreme Makeover, Baby Edition (Jack’s First Haircut)

32) My Real Life Jack in the Box

33) Jack Meets Max the Cockapoo (AKA “Falkor the Luck Dragon” from The Neverending Story)

34) One Year of Consistent “Daddy Blogging” Later

35) Today I Become a Thirty Year Old Dad (Plus, Why You Should Watch “Wheel of Fortune” A Week From Tonight)

36) Jack’s First Crush, Taylor Swift

37)  Southeast Tornadoes April 2011, Part 1

38)  Southeast Tornadoes April 2011, Part 2

39)  After the Storms Have Cleared

40)  Insert Foot in Mouth

41)  Jack is Now Six Months Old, Officially Has Blue Eyes and Weighs 19.2 Pounds

Season 3

Coincidentally, when Jack turned six months old, chose to pick up my series for their website and made me their officially daddy blogger.  So from this point forward in order to catch up on Jack and my thoughts as a dad, click on the link below to read my new rebooted daddy blog:

The Dadabase

All pictures with the “JHP” logo were taken by Joe Hendricks Photography:



9 thoughts on “dad from day one”

  1. Congratulations on getting featured in American Baby magazine. I’m a subscriber to AB and a fellow blogger. My husband is even getting in on the fun with our still fairly new blog Deployed Parent. We focus on deployment parenting and pregnancy tips for military families and share our own experiences. I’m looking forward to reading Dad From Day One with my husband!

    1. That’s a great idea for a blog. I’m sure you’ll find lots of followers with that :) I feel honored that you and your husband are planning on reading “dad from day one” together. Cool.

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