Ashley Hebert the Bachelorette: Episode 1- Meet the Bachelors, Including Bentley the Established Bad Guy and Jeff the Guy with the Mask

To the 11 people who found my website by Googling “is Ashley Hebert Jewish?” during the two hours the show was on: No, she’s of French descent.  And her last name is pronounced “He-bear,” not “He-bert.”

The Ash Tab:

“see you inside”: 32

“right reasons”: 5

“no regrets”: 4

Ashley laughing for no apparent reason: 3

scenes of Ashley reflecting her thoughts alone: 3

scenes of Ashley ballet dancing in front of a huge, yet empty, auditorium: 1

Memorable Quotes (emphasis added):

“She’s gorgeous in person.” -Jon

“I can gas you inside if you want.” -Ashley

“If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the oven.” -Frank

“I’m not overtly attracted to her.” -Bentley, the Bad Guy

“I want people to call me Cupcake.” -Ashley

The Bachelors Ashley Gave a Rose to:

Ryan P. the architect, JP the construction manager, Ames the portfolio manager and marathon runner, Ben C. the lawyer, Ben F. the winemaker, West the widowed lawyer, William the cell phone salesman and self-proclaimed stepping stone, Lucas the oil field manager, Mickey the chef, Stephen the hair dresser, Chris D. the sports marketer, Matt the office supplies manager, Jeff the masked entrepreneur, Chris the CEO of a construction company, Ryan M. the construction estimator who wants his picture taken with Chris Harrison, Nick the personal trainer (cool name!), Blake the dentist, Constantine the restaurant owner who gave Ashley a ring made of dental floss, and of course…

Bentley the Bad Guy!

The Bachelors Who Got Kicked Off:

Anthony the butcher, Jon the commerce executive, Tim the liquor distributor and the drunk, Rob the technology executive, Frank the college admissions counselor, Michael the technology salesman

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8 thoughts on “Ashley Hebert the Bachelorette: Episode 1- Meet the Bachelors, Including Bentley the Established Bad Guy and Jeff the Guy with the Mask”

    1. In my experience, I’ve never known a Rosenbaum who wasn’t Jewish. But I have known a Rosenburg who wasn’t.

      1. You’re right, that settles it :) I’ll be writing a post about last night’s episode mentioning the bar mitzvah. Now we know.

  1. Ashley can be annoying. In every episode she HAS to talk about Bentley. Im like SHUT UP!!! Bentley didnt love you ok?!! He loved Emily over you! So stop thinking about him and mentioning his name all the time!!! By the way, I think Ames is HOT, HOT, HOT!!!

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